How Aaron Abke earned over $126,000 in a single launch, before even touching ads.





„Now everything works automatically, I have to do nothing. We’re running ads. We got a salesperson in place. 1 just see the numbers coming in, which is really, really great.“ 

Aaron Abke

YouTube Teacher 

The Client

Aaron Abke

Aaron is a Spiritual Teacher on Youtube, who is specialized in helping people to catch their negative emotions on a daily basis and transform them into a quiet mind. The unique core of his masterclass is to understand and invert the „3 Beliefs of the Ego“, thereby attaining true inner peace.

The Challenge

Sitting on a goldmine and not finding the time to mine it.

„Why are you so cheap?“ This question was followed by Aaron’s shocked face. 

Back then Aaron was pumping out gold-nugget after gold-nugget in the veins of his Youtube Channel. People loved it and at this point his channel already grew to a solid 80k subscribers. 

But at the same time he was doing 1:1 counselling sessions on a waaay too cheap hourly rate, without even realizing the worth of his expertise for clients. 

In fact, his expertise brought so life changing outcomes, that former clients asked him to package it up in a more scalable way in order to reach more people. 

He knew that packaging his knowledge into a course would be the next step, but looking at all his other things to do, he thought: „I would love that, but that’s a lot of time and I don’t even know where to start … “ 

The Solution

Digging for the gold & crafting the ring.

We took out the shovel, dug into the desires of the market and crafted the product that would match those desires: An 8 Week Masterclass that would make his followers‘ hearts beat faster. In a way that would make them nervous not to be part of this course. 

Rather than reinventing the wheel, it was a lot like puzzling together Aaron’s concepts, he was already teaching for so long: 

"Philipp helped me to layout the format and the blueprint. He helped me to condense my ideas to a structure. Then we just went to work, making the content ... and then it just happened."

Before launching the course, Aaron was still pretty nervous about selling a product, because he didn’t want his followers to think that he won’t make free content anymore … 

But after we had launched the beta version to a handful of people and received mind blowing feedback, all the concerns were gone. 


The Results

246 Bookings. 0 Cent Adspent. 126k in Soles.

EVERYTHING BLEW UP … literally. 

But let’s start at the beginning: We nervously launched a 3 day video series on Aaron’s Youtube Channel asking the people to opt-in and book a call. 

… we broke ActiveCampaign’s contact limit four times in two days. 

… we had more bookings than we could possibly handle. 

… we had to find and hire additional sales people ASAP, because people were overrunning us. 

But in the end everything worked out: 

"We did 6-figures before we even needed to run ads." (exactly $126,000)

After that we started to turn the course success into an evergreen course-model that works like clockwork ever since. 

But most importantly: 

Everyone is just like: ‚Man this masterclass has changed my life .. 1 can’t express my gratitude enough. 1 definitely would have paid 3-times more of what I paid for this course!‘ 

"I get these testimonials every single day now ... 1 wake up with so much gratitude because beyond the success, the money, whatever ... being able to reach that many people at once at this level... has been the greatest blessing!"

Planning a launch? You're gonna need some rocket-fuel!

Your product won't sell if you can't — that's where I come in

Let's make sure your customers come along for the ride.

„Philipp’s work is for anyone who has a passion and a talent at helping people in some way. Could be absolutely any niche. What Philipp does is not niche-specific. He comes up with the model, the structure, the blueprint, the organization, the strategy and allows people to do what they are best at … “ 

– Aaron Abke

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